Vitakraft Triggles Turkey 40g

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Triggles is a hearty, soft meat snack with more than 30% tasty turkey meat. Due to the special triple shape, it can be easily divided into three smaller pieces for more pampering moments. Whether shared or in one piece - cats love this small, juicy reward in between!

- Hearty, soft snack
- With> 30% tasty turkey meat
- Divisible into three mini-snacks
- Sugar-free recipe
- In resealable bag

Meat and animal by-products 61.6% (contains 34.4% turkey meat, pork, chicken)
Vegetable protein extracts
Vegetable by-products

3a370, Taurine 378 mg Containing

Preservatives, Antioxidants and Dyes ?DENI361007

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