Vitakraft Treaties Bits Turkey & Mint 120g

Vitakraft Treaties Bits Turkey & Mint 120g

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The fleshy Treaties bits with digestible turkey are produced in a unique process - with the best ingredients and to sugar-free recipe. The mouthguard complex contained reduces the formation of tartar, mint oil also ensures a fresh dog breath.

Because Treaties filled savory and beyond gently cooked in the oven , they are not only irresistibly delicious, but also beautiful juicy when biting into. Your dog will love this meaty snacks!

-   Juicy dog snacks with visible filling
-   extra fleshy
-   With easily digestible turkey
-   Plus mint for fresh breath
-   Dental Care: Helps prevent tartar
-   Gentle cooked in the oven
-   Sugarless recipe
-   In resealable bag

Meat and meat by-products 72.5%
(26.3% turkey, chicken, pork, poultry)
Vegetable protein extracts
(tetrasodium 0.6%)
oils and fats (Peppermint Oil 0.1%)


Fat content 12.0%
Moisture 38.0%
Protein 24.0%
Crude ash 6,5%
Crude fiber 1.5%

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