Vitakraft Ham Strips 80g

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This high-quality treat is guaranteed to delight your dog, as the delicious strips of ham are freshly made from pure meat - with no added sugar, soy, wheat, egg, dairy and meat flours . Strips for strips hearty treats in the best quality and thus perfectly suitable for the species-appropriate reward!

- Meat snack for dogs
- 100% lean ham in meat content
- Without added sugar, soy, wheat, egg, dairy products and meat flours
- Without preservative substances
- Without synthetic colouring
- Without artificial flavor enhancers

- In resealable bag


Meat and animal by-products (pork ham 94%), Cereals (rice)


Fat content 5.0%, Moisture 21.0%, Protein 44.0%, Crude ash 4.0%, Crude fiber 1.5%


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