Natural Wood Clumping cat litter-Sensitive 6L/2.4kg

Cature Natural Wood Clumping cat litter-Sensitive 6L/2.4kg

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100% Natural Wood, 700% Absorption Rate. Convenient Vacuum Package protects organic pellet, avoid humidity and saves space in storage. 100% Natural, Non-Toxic, Formaldehyde-Free, Fragrance-Free with No Industrial Gel and No Harmful Chemical Additives. 
Dust-Free caring for cat’s respiratory tract and urinary system. Now with Antibacterial Plus, for Stronger Odor Control and Bacteria Inhibition.

FSC Certification of Forest Sustainable Development, SGS Certification of Quality Inspection, FDA Food Grade Certification.

*Add antibacterial ingredient inside, making antibacterial effect stronger
*700% Moisture absorption rate
*Flushable and biodegradable
*7 days odor free without scooping
*100% Natural
*FSC wood
*Wood clumping patent
*99.5% dust free


100% Natural Wood+Plant Fiber+Antibacteria Ingredient


Carton Box + Vacuum inner Bag




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