Cature Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Scoop - Small

Cature Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Scoop - Small

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Nano antibacterial cat litter scoop with added silver ions that work in a way that  permanently inhibits bacteria, giving it a long-lasting antibacterial effect.

Rounded corner design with ultra-thin edges conquers all shapes of cat litter boxes to  help you shovel those clumps at the corner. Highly durable and quality ABS plastic  material that has high elasticity, toughness, strength as well as heat and chemical  corrosion resistance. Semi-arc shielding design keeps hand clean of cat litter and  prevents external leakage. Silica Gel Elastic Soft Loop convenient for hanging.

With a precise 5.5mm aperture suitable for Bentonite Cat Litter.

25cm long x 12cm wide.

Weight: 70g

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