Cature Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Scoop - Big

Cature Anti-bacterial Cat Litter Scoop - Big

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Antibacterial cat litter scoop with silver ions that add long-lasting antibacterial effect.  Silver ion charges absorb and kill bacteria, permanently inhibiting bacteria. Artisan quality with rounded corners that allow it to reach litter box’s corners easily. Ultra-thin edges  make it easy to scoop up firm litter clumps.

Efficient and made of high quality, safe ABS plastic material with the same level of quality standard as food packaging or cooking tool. Matte surface that is non-slip and easy to grip. With a polished inner surface easily clean by gently rinsing with water.

With a precise aperture of 7.5mm suitable for Tofu/Wood Litter.

25cm long x 12cm wide.

Weight: 70g.

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